Spain – Tablas de Daimiel National Park

The park is like a pearl surrounded by an arid landscape. It is a very small patch of wetlands in dry landscape, and because of that it has many migrating and permanent residing birds which are very easy to see and photograph! You can actually access park just from the main road, from this road there are a few, lets say…causeways. Leading into marshlands. At the end of each causeway there is a quite professionally arranged observatory, kind of wooden hut. In the walls of the observatory are windows/slits, where you can put your camera and photograph birds without paying their attention.

It is really easy to see a lot of birds during one visit, I have even seen flamingos. Good luck!

When to go: There can be quite a lot of people during a day, and can be really hot, so my advice is to go there in early morning!

What to bring: During the day don’t forget about the water! Take a binoculars with you and a bird guide book.

Photography equipment: My advice is to use the lens at least 500-600 mm. With shorter lens it could be difficult but anyhow you will see a lot of water birds.