Where you can see the Vultures? In Spain!

Is this a complicated thing? The answer is: no

When I was planning my trip to Spain I wanted to see the vultures, that’s it. I started to look in the internet and found this video (above) . After watching it, the situation was clear, we are going to Monfrague

The park was just stunning. I hoped it will be possible to see vultures at least from some distance but in Monfrague it is really something easy. You just need a car, without the car it’s hard to move from place to place inside the park.  When we  entered the park and stopped on the car parking I got out from the car and looked on the rock on the opposite side of the river and vultures were just there. Sitting, croaking and screeching. And this was just the beginning. When you reach the centre of the park, go to see a “castle” the vultures will be there waiting for you, on a rock beneath the castle. From this place you can see the from ABOVE! Good luck.