This is one of the most spectacular places in Ireland. I am pretty sure that most of you already know it but you just don’t realize that it is from the Ireland. What is a Giants causeway. Basically it is an area of ancient volcanic eruption. After the eruption when hot lava met the cold ocean water it started to solidify into a hexagonal columns of a different height. Which looks truly spectacular and therefore it is a It a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (1986) and a national nature reserve.

But the truth is that there is only one truly spectacular place you all see on all the photographs taken from this place. What does it mean. It means that all people go there, so it is pretty difficult to take a photograph of this place without anyone getting into your photo frame.

When to go: But me and my friend Piotr Makaruk manage to find a quiet time just before the sun goes down. The light is warm and nice, the children went already to home and you may do your photo. Anyhow, I don’t have any good shoots from this place, because i don’t do landscape photography. They are just a blog photos so you could see how does the place look like.

What to take: A very heavy tripod. Because it is a really windy place, close to the ocean and your tripod will shake like a jelly!

Opportunity for fun: It is pretty cloe to the town of Bushmills 🙂 And they make a very nice single malt there. Try with “yellow” bottle 🙂