Actually we have tried only two Icelandic traditional snacks. One of them was Hakarl and the second was dried fish in two different versions.

Hakral is a fermented or better to say rotten Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus). From my perspective it is totally uneatable. Really it is just waste of money, even a small portion of this snack cost around 50 Euros and I believe it is a lost money. The rotten shark it totally disgusting because of a strong ammonia-rich smell and taste. You can try maybe 1 cm2 of this meat (it is divided in small portions) and try to wash this repulsive taste from your mouth using alcohol. Why not just drink….

The other snack we tried is dried fish. The one with the skin was challenging to chew but not so bad in taste. The small one (actually beer snack) was amazing!


Thanks a lot Cyngol and Aska for buying the shark… better to drink urine…