It was one of the most amazing campings I have ever had In my life. The park is remote so you need a car to access it or you may walk 20 km in enormous heat.

The camping is usually totally deserted. Most probably you will camp alone! Maybe with some surfers.

The whole 5 or 7 km beach (that I don’t remember) will be totally a your domain! And have a look at that  beach. Just wow!

Nature is just amazing and you will feel like Shrek living in his swamps

There is no drinking water – at least this is what you will hear from the guard. Actually there is water from one tap which is drinkable, it may be a bit salty, but you will not die if you dink it for a few day. I did  and I am alive!

They don’t  accept the bank notes bigger than 20$ (they didn’t in 2016)