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Costa Rica – Santa Rosa National Park – an amazing camping site.

21 December 2018 Costa Rica 0

It was one of the most amazing campings I have ever had In my life. The park is remote so you need a car to access it or you may walk 20 km in enormous heat. The camping is usually totally deserted. Most probably you will camp alone! Maybe with some surfers. The whole 5 or 7 km beach (that I don’t remember) will be totally a your domain! And have a look at that  beach. Just wow! Nature is just amazing and you will... Read more

Bullhorn acacia and little ant

15 February 2018 Costa Rica 2

Bullhorn acacia seems to have no enemies. Her massive and long spikes scares everyone away? Well, not exactly. That’s why acacia took care about a strong ally… an ant size of a few millimetres (Pseudomyrmex). Ants literally live in acacia, exactly in her spikes (look in the picture). They also drink from “nectaries” producing sweet secretion which is the main fuel of all ants. So there is still a problem of proteins. Where do they get it? Normally, ants have to forage for insects. Not... Read more