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Iceland 2018 – Jökulsárlón a glacial lake

8 December 2018 Iceland 0

Jökulsárlón  is a good place for photography and also pretty amazing spot to see the icebergs floating in the river straight to the see. Jökulsárlón is actually a glacial lake of Vatnajökull (the biggest glacier in Iceland) where you can photograph icebergs slowly floating through the channel to the sea. Here the icebergs are usually thrown on the black beach which gives a spectacular contrast. Tips – the icebergs are transparent and are difficult to photograph if the sky is pale and there is a... Read more

Iceland 2018 – This is how you drive

23 November 2018 Iceland 0

During my trip to Iceland in 2018 I was fascinated by the variety of off-road equipment I have seen there. I am not only talking about the cars but also about off-road trailers and roof top tents. I have seen many Dacia Duster or Suzuki Jimny with roof top tents. What is better in Iceland a normal tent or a roof top tent? At that time we were using just normal ground tent and I have tell you, in the morning the tent is still... Read more

Iceland 2018 – Off-road bus

18 September 2018 Iceland, Ireland 0

This was one of the most impressive off-road vehicles I have seen in Iceland. You can even sleep in this bus, I think that at least 21 people can live, sleep and travel in this amazing home with wheels. Read more