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Dolphins in Ireland – Shannon River

23 December 2018 Ireland 0

For me personally, one of the most surprising events in Ireland was a cruise where we photographed the dolphins. It turned out that this is by no means an expedition to the South Pole. All you have to do is book a ticket for a ship that is sailing on the Shannon River and not to be late for a cruise. It’s best to stand on the prow (front) on the ship because dolphins like to surf at the bow wave. There is also the... Read more

Iceland 2018 – Off-road bus

18 September 2018 Iceland, Ireland 0

This was one of the most impressive off-road vehicles I have seen in Iceland. You can even sleep in this bus, I think that at least 21 people can live, sleep and travel in this amazing home with wheels. Read more

Ireland – Giants causeway. What to take and when to go.

1 February 2018 Ireland 0

This is one of the most spectacular places in Ireland. I am pretty sure that most of you already know it but you just don’t realize that it is from the Ireland. What is a Giants causeway. Basically it is an area of ancient volcanic eruption. After the eruption when hot lava met the cold ocean water it started to solidify into a hexagonal columns of a different height. Which looks truly spectacular and therefore it is a It a World Heritage Site by UNESCO... Read more