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Spain – Vultures in Monfrague!

17 January 2018 Spain 2

Where you can see the Vultures? In Spain! Is this a complicated thing? The answer is: no When I was planning my trip to Spain I wanted to see the vultures, that’s it. I started to look in the internet and found this video (above) . After watching it, the situation was clear, we are going to Monfrague : The park was just stunning. I hoped it will be possible to see vultures at least from some distance but in Monfrague it is really something... Read more

Spain – Tablas de Daimiel National Park

17 January 2018 Spain 0

Spain – Tablas de Daimiel National Park The park is like a pearl surrounded by an arid landscape. It is a very small patch of wetlands in dry landscape, and because of that it has many migrating and permanent residing birds which are very easy to see and photograph! You can actually access park just from the main road, from this road there are a few, lets say…causeways. Leading into marshlands. At the end of each causeway there is a quite professionally arranged observatory, kind... Read more