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Iceland 2018 – Landmannalaugar colourful mountains

2 January 2019 Iceland 0

Demanding gravel road (not suitable for 2X4 cars) takes you to a beautiful but also demanding camping site in the mountains. There is almost no soil so you have to pitch your tent on a rocky surface.  You can bath yourself in a small pond with thermal water. And later…later you just walk in a colourful mountains. Take water and food with you, also raincoat is mandatory. Read more

Dolphins in Ireland – Shannon River

23 December 2018 Ireland 0

For me personally, one of the most surprising events in Ireland was a cruise where we photographed the dolphins. It turned out that this is by no means an expedition to the South Pole. All you have to do is book a ticket for a ship that is sailing on the Shannon River and not to be late for a cruise. It’s best to stand on the prow (front) on the ship because dolphins like to surf at the bow wave. There is also the... Read more

Icelandic food – „Traditional” Hakarl

21 December 2018 Iceland 0

Actually we have tried only two Icelandic traditional snacks. One of them was Hakarl and the second was dried fish in two different versions. Hakral is a fermented or better to say rotten Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus). From my perspective it is totally uneatable. Really it is just waste of money, even a small portion of this snack cost around 50 Euros and I believe it is a lost money. The rotten shark it totally disgusting because of a strong ammonia-rich smell and taste. You... Read more

Costa Rica – Santa Rosa National Park – an amazing camping site.

21 December 2018 Costa Rica 0

It was one of the most amazing campings I have ever had In my life. The park is remote so you need a car to access it or you may walk 20 km in enormous heat. The camping is usually totally deserted. Most probably you will camp alone! Maybe with some surfers. The whole 5 or 7 km beach (that I don’t remember) will be totally a your domain! And have a look at that  beach. Just wow! Nature is just amazing and you will... Read more

Iceland 2018 – Jökulsárlón a glacial lake

8 December 2018 Iceland 0

Jökulsárlón  is a good place for photography and also pretty amazing spot to see the icebergs. Jökulsárlón is actually a glacial lake of Vatnajökull (the biggest glacier in Iceland) where you can photograph icebergs slowly floating through the channel to the sea. Here the icebergs are usually thrown on the black beach which gives a spectacular contrast. Tips – the icebergs are transparent (a bit) and are difficult to photograph if the sky is pale and there is a lot of light. Try to pick... Read more

Iceland 2018 – This is how you drive

23 November 2018 Iceland 0

During my trip to Iceland in 2018 I was fascinated by the variety of off-road equipment I have seen there. I am not only talking about the cars but also about off-road trailers and roof top tents. I have seen many Dacia Duster or Suzuki Jimny with roof top tents. What is better in Iceland a normal tent or a roof top tent? At that time we were using just normal ground tent and I have tell you, in the morning the tent is still... Read more

Iceland 2018 – Off-road bus

18 September 2018 Iceland, Ireland 0

This was one of the most impressive off-road vehicles I have seen in Iceland. You can even sleep in this bus, I think that at least 21 people can live, sleep and travel in this amazing home with wheels. Read more

Chinese ceramic pillow

2 March 2018 China 0

Only for tough   Imagine you live in medieval China. Somewhere in the south of China, in tropical part. It’s summer, the temperature reaches 40 degrees and the humidity is almost 100%. On the first day you get relly tired because of heat, you can’t sleep, your clothes stick to a sweaty body and there’s no aircondition, and it won’t be for another 500 years. People were looking for different ways to cool off, especially at night, and they found one pretty unusual. Well, they... Read more