Behind is Piotr Ślipiński a PhD biologist with years of experience in field photography, mostly macro photography but not only. So If you are going to the tropics of Central America, Galapagos, Iceland, Europe, Australia or China and wonder where to go for good shots, what to bring and how much this can cost. Just check my blog.

You may find some tips about where to go to make a good shot of let’s say dolphins in Europe or puffins or ants in Costa Rica. What kind of equipment you should take. What equipment is useless. What clothes to bring and all of other stuff. Everything you will finally find on my blog. So don’t hesitate to use it.

My specialization are ants so I am a myrmecologist. I am mainly interested in ants behaviour. My current project is ants personality. We are (me with my co-workers) trying to check if ants have personalities. We want to prove that ant is not some kind of “robot” which is programmed like all other robots in colony. We want to prove that ants have personalities so the worker can be hard working or lazy, can be ferocious or a stinky coward exactly in the same manner like all other animals, including us humans.


Who am I?

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I am photographing from many ears, I started when I was a student so let’s say about 2004. My first love was a macrophotography but with time I started to photography all kinds of animals using variety of techniques. Now mostly I am trying to do a series of photos to cover some story which I publish in National Geographic (Polish edition) or Wiedza I Życie (also a very good Polish journal). I am also travelling but not to lay on some nice sandy beach, but to do some good shots, gather a decent material and write something interesting about this.

Wkrótce już postaram się dodać moje artykuły o zwierzętach. Proszę o trochę cierpliwości.

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