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Iceland 2018 – Landmannalaugar colourful mountains

2 January 2019 Iceland 0

Demanding gravel road (not suitable for 2X4 cars) takes you to a beautiful but also demanding camping site in the mountains. There is almost no soil so you have to pitch your tent on a rocky surface.  You can bath yourself in a small pond with thermal water. And later…later you just walk in a colourful mountains. Take water and food with you, also raincoat is mandatory. Read more

Icelandic food – „Traditional” Hakarl

21 December 2018 Iceland 0

Actually we have tried only two Icelandic traditional snacks. One of them was Hakarl and the second was dried fish in two different versions. Hakral is a fermented or better to say rotten Greenland shark (Somniosus microcephalus). From my perspective it is totally uneatable. Really it is just waste of money, even a small portion of this snack cost around 50 Euros and I believe it is a lost money. The rotten shark it totally disgusting because of a strong ammonia-rich smell and taste. You... Read more