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Chinese ceramic pillow

2 March 2018 China 0

Only for tough   Imagine you live in medieval China. Somewhere in the south of China, in tropical part. It’s summer, the temperature reaches 40 degrees and the humidity is almost 100%. On the first day you get relly tired because of heat, you can’t sleep, your clothes stick to a sweaty body and there’s no aircondition, and it won’t be for another 500 years. People were looking for different ways to cool off, especially at night, and they found one pretty unusual. Well, they... Read more

Marine Iguana and too much salt

13 February 2018 Galapagos 0

Iguanas have a very specific way of getting rid of excess salt from the body. They take salt together with marine algae that they feed on. Because the reptiles cannot sweat and get rid of slat excess they must do it in other way. I you watch the movie until the end you will see Iguana on a certain “road” sign and then you know how they get rid of salt J As always, I encourage you to share the film All the best Piotr Read more